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Private in home visits and phone consultations

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Cat Business Pricing

In-Home Consulting and Behavioral Modification Services
The initial consultation will cover an in-depth assessment of your cats’ needs, an introduction to clicker training, and development of a specific behavior modification plan to meet the needs of you and your pet. Includes a clicker, behavior modification guide, training treats and a feather cat-wand.

            Initial In-Home Assessment and Training                                                     $125
            Package A:  Three In-Home Training Visits & One Telephone follow-up           $325
            Package B:  Six In-Home Sessions and Two Telephone follow up calls             $550

Each visit is a total of 60 minutes. Each telephone call is a total of 30 minutes.

(All In-Home Consultations & Training Services are for locations within 30 miles of Topanga (see map.) Locations outside the 30 mile perimeter and within 60 miles of Topanga will be assessed an additional $20 fee for mileage and drive time.)

Although we feel that in-home visits are recommended; we understand that distance may be an issue and therefore we offer our services over the telephone.

Telephone Consultations

            Initial telephone consultation      $45
            Follow-up calls                          $30

Packages are available:
Package C:  Four Call Package (For training to be successful, we recommend that all four calls take                  place within 6 weeks of initial call date.)                               $115
Package C:  Eight Call Package: offers more intensive training options (All eight calls must take place
                 within a 3 month period for best results.)                             $200

The initial call will be to discuss questionnaire answers and assess basic human/cat needs. A training plan will be outlined over the telephone.

We recommend several follow-up calls (usually once every other week for 6 weeks) to assure you and your pet are both receiving the behavioral modification training as detailed in initial call.

All telephone consultations must be prepaid prior to date of scheduled appointment. Payments can be made with checks mailed to Cat Business: PO Box 109, Topanga, CA 90290. Or, paid through PayPal via

Problems take time to solve and it is up to each individual to do their “homework” with their pet to assure best results.

There are no guarantees but most problems can be solved with time.

Please note: your completing the questionnaire in detail is critical to the success of your pet training and our assessment. All questionnaires must be received by Cat Business (by mail or via online submission) prior to initial in-home visit or telephone consultation.

Call today for a complimentary evaluation
of your individual cat's needs

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Private in home visits and phone consultations





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