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Feline Questionnaire

Behavioral problems are often specific to the many experiences your cat has undergone. There are various factors that can contribute to shaping the behavior of your cat. Prior to your in-home visit or phone consultation with our cat behaviorist please fill out the questionnaire below to help us best serve your needs.

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* If you have concerns about more than one cat or pet
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Diet and enrichment

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Home Environment

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Medical History

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Behavioral Issues

Describe the problems you are having with your cat(s) in as much detail as possible.

How long has the problem persisted?

What goals do your wish to achieve with your pet cat(s)?

How much time are you able to commit to working with your cat to correct these issues?

Additional comments or concerns:

**Cat training is a learned skill acquired over time and like any worthwhile endeavor success will be achieved through your personal level of interest and participation and ability to apply the techniques. Although our program has a high rate of success and the training that we offer to you and your pet has been extremely successful in most cases, there is no guarantee that the methods we describe to you will achieve the results you desire. Your success will depend most certainly on your ability to define clear and realistic goals for you and your pet and on your use of kindness, patience, persistence and consistency as your cat training guides.

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